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Cinius ::: TATAMI, alta densità alta qualità

Cinius ::: TATAMI, alta densità alta qualit. In Giappone una elaborata stuoia sostituisce il letto, le sedie, il tavolo, il divano, le poltrone, il suo nome  TATAMI. I Tatami vengono confezionati con stoppie di riso, rese uniformi e legate con una corda robusta, raggiungono lo spessore di 6 cm. e sono rivestiti esternamente da una stuoia di paglia



Tatami. In Japan and China an elaborated mat replaces bed, chairs, table, couch and armchairs; it is called TATAMI. Japanese people cover with it the entire floor of the house. Tatami are made with stubble of rice made uniform and tied with a strong rope, reaching the thickness of about 6 cm and they are are externally covered by a mat of straw. The edges are squared with extreme precision and the two longer sides are hemmed with a wide tape of black linen or cotton; and those of noble homes have decorative black and white motifs woven into the tape.



When walking on tatami it yields slightly to pressure the bare foot, the Japanese leave their shoes outside their home, and every noise is muffled by their softness. In the spring, during the first few days of sunshine, they are removed and placed in front of the house to ventilate them, resting in pairs like playing cards.

On the Tatami people eat, sleep and die, they represent at the same time the bed, the chair, the armchair and sometimes the table as well.

At night, the Futon is laid on the Tatami mat with a quilt as a blanket and the bed is ready. In the morning all these objects are put away in a large closet and the house regains the tranquil atmosphere of the typical Japanese houses.



The Tatami is a natural product of rice straw, per se rice straw is not food for any type of mite or insect, however, with time, the dust and our own skin can be deposited on the Tatami becoming "food" for mites or insects. Therefore, once a month, you need to use the vacuum cleaner on the Tatami and ventilate it by moving the mattress.

For the cleaning or the removal any mites or insects, it is recommended to clean it with a damp cloth soaked in vinegar and water diluted 1 to 5 or to spray some ecological pesticide based on pyrethrum.

The mattress layed on the tatami has to be ventilated more frequently (at least once a month) in order to avoid moisture stagnation that may occur in the wettest months or that may be product by our sweating; all this must be done to let the Tatami and the mattress breathe.

The suggested procedure is:

  • Open the windows

  • Displace the mattress from the Tatami

  • Place the mattress in a way that the side that was in contact with the tatami can “breath”

A lack of conformity of the goods which occurs as a result of failure to follow these instructions can not be attributed to Cinius and will not give rise to remedies of breach of contract, the price reduction, replacement or repair of goods

(Consumer Information: Products made in China)





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