SUPERIOR Futon 140x200 (French bed)

SUPERIOR Futon 140x200 (French bed)

SUPERIOR Futon 140x200 (French bed)

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SUPERIOR Futon 140x200 (French bed)

The Cinius’s Superior FUTON mattress are of cotton arranged in layers and not flocks. Comfort is assured by their adaptability, in fact, cotton’s softness meets the small bends of our body while remaining sufficiently rigid to properly support the spine, thus giving deep sleep and regeneration. Its interior, of pure cotton, prevents allergic-type problems and provides excellent breathability giving a pleasant sensation of coolness in summer and excellent insulation in winter.

The original Japanese futon is made only of cotton. As in the Western countries we do not have the habit to often roll and beat the mattress,the futon often gets too rigid. For this reason, we also produce futons called "Latex Futon", with latex inserts that extend the orthopedic performance of mattress, reducing the need to roll up and fold the futon.

Cotton fiber Latex Coconut fiber

Legend of the Cinius’s futon types (for thickness see Note)

FUT 11
Futon 100% cotton

FUT 14
Futon 100% cotton

Futon with a natural coconut layer 3 cm thick

Futon with a latex layer 4 cm thick

Futon with a latex layer 4 cm thick

Futon with a latex layer 8 cm thick

Futon with a 3 cm coconut layer between two latex layers each 4 cm thick

All Cinius’s futons are provided with an Inspection Zip


Futon's mantenance:
The futon mattress is not with removable cover, therefore stains should be cleaned with cleaners. You must not use water or wet cloths, because the cotton padding contains particles of leaves that could dye the fabric when wet. A good sanitary measure is to periodically vacuum the futon with a vacuum cleaner. During the first months of use, the mattress must be turned frequently in order to allow a uniform flattening of cotton. In periods of high humidity, moisture naturally emitted from the body is joined with that of the environment, so it is advisable to leave the windows open and, if possible, place the mattress so that it gets air on both sides. If the futon mattress rests on the tatami, it is essential to prevent accumulation of moisture between the futon and the tatami, thus periodically, and especially in periods of high humidity, the mattress has to be rolled up or collected to let both the futon and the tatami breath.

The sizes of futon mattresses can differ from those required by a few centimeters, these differences are due to the nature of futon mattresses. For the same reason, the thickness shown may differ by a few centimeters. In any case, the first measure indicates the thickness of the mattress when NOT compressed, while the second measure indicates the thickness reached after a few weeks of use.


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