"Yume" (Dream) model Latex mattress 140x200

"Yume" (Dream) model 140x200

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Yume 140x200

"Yume" (Dream) model Latex mattress 140x200

  • Latex with 7 differentiated zones

  • H 18cm, lined with square-shaped lozenged cotton



  • The complete removability of the covers of the mattress
    allows the dry washing of the lining


100% natural latex?!?


The all-natural latex does not exist because rubber (the basic component) derived from the rubber tree, if not treated with acrylic additives tends to turn to dust in a short time. So one must be aware that the statement "... 100% latex ..." does not mean that the mattress is "... 100% natural ..." . Conversely, a mattress can be declared 100% latex and contain 1% rubber only. Obviously the higher the percentage of rubber the more expensive is the mattress.

Unfortunately there is no legislation that requires manufacturers of mattresses to declare the quality and composition of latex used, moreover currently no instrument exists, within the reach of the consumer, who will help him to determine the quality of latex that he is buying. The consumer can only rely on the reputation and reliability of the trader. However, it can be approximately stated that the softer the more natural latex is. The latex used in our mattresses has a percentage of rubber which varies from 30% to 40%. We believe, with this percentage, to offer the right balance between quality, price and durability of the mattress (we recall that the more natural latex is, the shorter it lasts in time ).

We hope that this information helps you to understand why on the market you can find mattresses "100% latex" at prices so different from each other.


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